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Steri Hood Dental Furniture

If you already have a suitable separate room away from public access and only require decontamination room furniture, Steri Hood offers you quality decontamination room furniture. Your work tops will be constructed utilising 100% 16mm Trespa Athlon.Trespa Athlon work topUnlike other worktops Corian and other so called solid surfaces that rely on a MDF base (potential microbe breeding breeding surfaces) Trespa work tops are totally impervious to all moisture and odour penetration and is therefore biologically safe. They have been the biological industry standard for many years.Trespa Athlon work top The worktops are easy to clean and disinfect. Your Steri Hood furniture pack will comprise of at least 2 sinks, a pair of 500mm drawers plus a double cupboard unit. The worktop supplied will fit your existing room. Please take a look on our colours page to see the attractive range of worktop colours available

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Steri Hood Dental Furniture

Double cupboard1000mm 4 drawer unit




The Steri Hood furniture pack will consist of 2 sets of sink units, a double cupboard and two 500mm 4 drawer units and a clean lab work top to the length your require. These can be of static nature or mobile

Laboratory furniture

Dental furniture

We can design furniture units to fit into tight spaces. Please make sure you contact us with your room layouts and measurement. Either by fax 01535 630827 or via email

How to Contact us

Write, call or email Steri Hood, 19 Midland Mills, Cross Hills, North Yorkshire, BD20 7DT

Sinks and Drains

Your clean room will need 2 x 316 inset stainless steel sinks, one for a wash and the other for a rinse sink.

 HTM01-05 compliant sinks

Water Valves

Mobile furniture
  • The furniture pack includes a high necked swivel spout elbow lever laboratory hot and cold mixer over the wash and rinse sinks.

Trespa Athlon

If you want to know more why Trespa Athlon work surfaces are Standard in dental & decontamination areas click here to learn more about the properties of Trespa Athlon


To move items from dirty area to a clean area in separate rooms we designed and built a cupboard that could be closed one side and opened the other

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