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Here at Steri Hood we offer the Pico range of autoclaves and washer and disinfectors which have been developed to comply with the latest HTM 01-05 decontamination standards. Sterilization is fast, safe reliable and user friendly with our Autoclaves and Washers. Contact us for our latest prices

Pico Autoclaves Pico Autoclaves - open

These autoclaves in either 17 ro 21 litre capacity represents the latest desk top technology in non-vacuum autoclave/steam sterilization. Conforms to EN13060.

Developed to meet the needs of Dentists, our HTM 01 / 05 compliant table top autoclave sets new standards in performance and reliability. Its fast efficient cycle is perfect for Dentists, Primary Care and other professionals Conforms to EN 13060 HTM01-05 Compliant Touch screen – easy to operate, rapid and user friendly Low power and water consumption Loading rack: up to 5 trays or 3 sterilisation cassettes Independent steam generator Separate water management – high quality cycle-to-cycle steam. Heat exchange technology - reduces cycle time Quick and thorough drying by means of a vacuum pump

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Washers Either worktop or floor mounted

Pico AutoclavesPico washers- openFloor Standing

Specifically designed for Dentists, Steri Hood's HTM 01-05 compliant ultrasonic cleaner provides reliable, validated decontamination - cycle after cycle. It offers fast and efficient turnaround of instruments. A large 10 litre tank with 6 litre capacity, accommodating both large and small wash loads. Compatibility with existing tray systems and carriers. Dedicated instrument organizer system (optional) provides instrument care and offers staff safety. Automatic load performance optimization system, ensuring your instrument load – large or small can all be processed with the same validated cleaning efficiency. Using the Pico automated washer disinfector demonstrates your compliance with documented best practice. Pico’s one-touch operation offers the best option for the control and repeatability of the cleaning process; which in turn can be validated and documented to provide a permanent record of your decontamination procedure. Please note the floor standing washer cannot be placed in the Steri Hood. It is only for use with Standard furniture.

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